Our facilities are located in the exit and / or entry load for all Latin America. Our facilities have the capacity to handle all types of cargo, in terms of reception, storage, shipping, consolidation and deconsolidation of sea and air shipments. Our distribution center is just 10 minutes from Miami International Airport and 20 minutes from the maritime terminal (Port of Miami).

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Supply Chain Solutions is dedicated and specialized in integrated logistics supply chain. This commits us to optimize and customize our services to customers; looking to improve efficiencies in international transport.


Capacity Services

  • Freight (Imp / Exp)
  • Export Pack
  • storage
  • Consolidations Air / Sea
  • Receipt and Delivery
  • Local Re-collections
  • Charter Services
  • Land transport
  • Visibility in Supply Chain
  • Customs Service Agent
  • Inspection / Validation Content
  • Personal Attention



  • DFS maintains a secure facility with 24-hour monitoring system burglar alarm / fire, digital camera system covering all facilities of the complex and private security.
  • DFS handles all types of cargo such as; military, AOG, aircraft parts, diplomatic, over sized, high-value and sensitive.
  • DFS on request would be the ability to dedicate an exclusive area for further secures and protect any type of load requires it.


Qualified Personnel

  • Cargo operations.
  • Supply Chain.
  • Import / Export.
  • Customer service.
  • store operations.
  • Domestic transport.
  • Air cargo.
  • Ocean Freight.
  • Regulations / EAR, BIS, ITAR, TSA, CBP, Etc.
  • Logistics Military, Government and Commercial.
  • Charter Services / Special Permits.
  • Dangerous Cargo Handling.


Past Experience

  • Since its inception Supply Chain Solutions has specialized in transporting military cargo and / or government. This type of load is extremely sensitive, such as ammunition, grenades, explosives, weapons, and others; which requires special coordination. The following cases are some shipments that have been made in 2008 and 2009.
  • We are currently coordinating the dispatch by air of 365,000 lbs (165.561 kg) of explosives class 1.1D - transport vehicles under consideration are two MD11s