DFS experience in field for over fourteen years has developed a mature process to ensure that the products and services can be delivered to the locations on time and according to the client's requirements.

also takes care of housing, transportation, cargo, vehicle maintenance, communications and air travel plans. Customized solutions are tailored within the Logistics Department for any special requirements that may arise during the execution of a project.

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DFS understands that industries are fast-moving and each one is unique. Thats why the Logistic team has a variety of specialists to provide consultancy to stablished the perfect plan to implement on each project and client.

Throughout the performance of its many contracts, most of which have been technically demanding in hazardous and remote environments, it can be stated unequivocally that DFS has never had a performance problem. On the contrary, DFS has built a strong reputation for the worldwide provision of quality "fast-track" turnkey design-build and engineering services, usually performed under the most difficult circumstances, without ever missing a deadline, compromising a contract schedule, or exceeding a budget.

DFS has the capability to design and implement complex operations and projects in harsh environments and volatile countries. DFS is experienced in handling sensitive and confidential projects, ensuring they are delivered on budget and on schedule.

By virtue of performing difficult tasks with short turnaround times, DFS has earned a reputation for rapid response and fast-track implementation of the client's requirements. This reputation was built on the simple tenet of listening to the client to understand the requirements and expectations, followed by professional and fast-track scheduling execution and accomplishment of each project. DFS ability to effectively respond to urgent requirements is proven by the fact that the average mobilization time of DFS project teams from receipt of a Notice-to-Proceed to arrival on-site is seven (7) days.