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Aviation Support

DFS Aviation Support Division delivers a comprehensive integrated program that includes aircraft maintenance and supply support, facilities maintenance, quality assurance, training and standardization on multiple fixed and rotary aircraft models.

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DFS specializes in fast track, turnkey, design-build, and bid-build construction projects. Since 1992 DFS has served the United States as well as governments and private organizations around the world. DFS reputation is built on high standards of quality and our ability to react quickly (our average mobilization time from Notice-to-Proceed to arrival on-site is about seven (7) days).

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Supply chain 

Our facilities are located in the exit and/or entry load for all Latin America. Our facilities have the capacity to handle all types of cargo, as to the reception, storage, office, consolidation and deconsolidation of sea and air shipments.


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DFS brings support in all aspects related to the well-being of our clients, transportation requirements and maintenance of sites. Customized solutions are tailored within the Logistics Department for any special requirements that may arise during the execution of a project.

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DFS provides technological services including hosting, network, telecommunications, desktop computing, project management services, and unified communications such as email platform and VoIP solutions.