DFS specializes in fast track, turn key, design-build, and bid-build construction projects. Since 1992 DFS has served the United States as well as governments and private organizations around the world.DFS reputation is built on high standards of quality and our ability to react quickly-average mobilization time from Notice-to-Proceed to arrival on-site is seven (7) days.

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DFS maintains a staff of skilled architects, engineers, project managers and construction professionals with extensive experience in the design and planning of highly specialized structures including remote military bases, private and government office facilities, fixed and rotary wing aviation facilities, force protection systems, and the utilities and services required for complete operation of these facilities.

Remote Military Bases
DFS designs and constructs military installations based on careful consideration of functionality, security, sustainability, maintainability, aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness in addition to specific contract requirements to ensure long-term performance. Furthermore, DFS extensive quality control program carefully monitors every phase of the building process for exceptional quality.

Office and Residential Facilities
DFS also specializes in the design and construction of office buildings and residential facilities. Our design and construction teams adhere to the same rigorous standards used to ensure the quality and security of military bases while also paying careful attention to local design codes and architectural styles as well as the day-to-day functionality of these facilities.